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Victory is the point of honour!

…Only the presence of will gives birth to Law, that is why the system of Law is a kingdom of the embodied freedom, a world of spirit which is born by itself as some other nature…

Friedrich Hegel

"Moor & Partners" Law Firm, established in 2011, will carry on professional traditions and develop achievements of its predecessor in the legal services market – «Moor & Krosondovich» Law Firm. When young lawyers Mykola Katerynchuk and Oleg Boiko decided to found their own law practice in March 1995 and established "Moor & Krosondovich" Law Firm, their noble and high goal was to protect legality, to fight injustices, and to gain convincing professional victories. With every year the Company advanced and grew, with attorneys developing expertise, achieving new heights in legal profession, and, being true professionals, they dreamed about such victory that could be the most important achievement of their lives.

Such chance has come about in 2004 when company attorneys followed the call of former founder of the Company Mykola Katerynchuk (who was then a member of Parliament of Ukraine and legal counselor to Victor Yushchenko – Presidential candidate) and organized legal assistance to the candidates’ campaign Headquarters. The Presidential campaign 2004 resulted in the Orange Revolution, and the work of "Moor & Krosondovich" lawyers was gratified with participation and victory in one of the most famous court processes in modern Ukrainian history: Viktor Yushchenko vs. Central Election Commission. The whole country followed this legal battle in the Supreme Court of Ukraine on national TV, and staff of the Company was especially proud of passionate and persuasive speeches of Mykola Katerynchuk.

The decision of the Supreme Court of Ukraine of December 3, 2004 became a symbol of victory of justice over illegality, democracy over authoritarian rule, triumph of the Rule of Law:

"…To recognize the actions of the Central Election Commission concerning the results of the repeated voting of the Presidential Elections and drawing up of the concerning the results of the repeated voting during the Presidential Elections of November 24, 2004 to be illegal…To oblige the Central Election Commission to set a new voting day for the Presidential Elections under the terms stipulated by Article 1 of Law 85 "On the Elections of the President of Ukraine"". This decision is final and without appeal.

This victory was like a miracle. But sometimes it is possible to explain such miracles. Miracle become possible when people have a common dream and join their forces to achieve it.

«Victory is the point of honour!» That was the slogan of "Moor & Krosondovich" Law Firm with which it worked actively, overcame different obstacles, defended its authority, and protected the clients’ rights, freedoms and interests. The Company’s activity included projects in the corporate practice, real estate, construction, taxation, intellectual property, international trade, foreign investments, securities transactions, antimonopoly law, transport, and telecommunications. Major international corporations and banks, government enterprises and agencies, public organizations and famous politicians know our lawyers as true professionals dedicated to their clients. Government Enterprise «Ukrainian State Center for Radiofrequencies», State Subsidiary Company Gas of Ukraine, and State Subsidiary Company Ukrtransgaz, State Agency «Ukrainian Agency on Copyright and Neighboring Rights» European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, transnational corporations VEOLIA VODA, Danone, BIOTON S. A, Huhtamaki Polska, airline companies «Donbasaero», «Lviv airlines», «Ukrainian Mediterranean airlines», Utair – just a short list of national and world-wide known international companies we had the honor to call our clients. Every complicated case was a new challenge for highly professional and motivated lawyers of the Company, and every victory was a new achievement.

However, time flies! Success is valued only if it becomes the base for new achievements and a setting for new goals. In legal business that requires constant developments in leadership and changes in management structure, broadening the scope of services offered.

Hence, through new quality to new achievements!